Friday, August 19, 2011

Tux anyone??

I've never been a girly girl..I much prefer to stomp around in my jeans or pants than wear a dress or skirt.  I just never feel that comfortable in a dress..I forget how to stand; how to sit and walking is an utter nightmare even in a knee length number! My fashion choices have always leaned towards the more masculine side..that whole rock chic look was right up my alley with my messy hair (it just always looks like bed hair); tight jeans (or better yet my favourite LIFEwithBIRD leather pants thank you Goat x); printed boys band tee's and suit jacket's.  

When I do brave a dress it needs to be a little tough and rough around the edges (even my wedding dress involved a black leather corset belt for Pete's sake!)...but really why am I even worrying now that this 'boy meets girl' trend is seriously ramping up on the catwalks..I and others like me can breathe a sigh of relief and fully embrace this look that worked so well for the sensational Bianca Jagger.  

The brilliant Australian label Morrison has beautifully interpreted this trend for their Summer collection which we at Tiger and Goat have picked up on..with fabulous man style relaxed pants; relaxed waistcoats (LOVE); breasted jackets and even the sweetest brogues to team back with your outfit.  

Morrison Summer - October delivery at Tiger and Goat. x

It's obviously a look that works for them as earlier this week I had the pleasure again of meeting up with the divine BM Jo (xx) to view their 1st Winter 2012 collection...and while there are many pieces in their range that will satisfy you girly girls there are just as many that make a tomboy's heart sing!  The knitwear pieces are seriously to die for but it's the Zigge Tux suit complete with white tux shirt featuring black buttons and a black bow tie (I die) that I am acutely 'coveting'. 

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