Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love Shop Share xx

I mentioned only very recently that I am a serious blogaholic..well I have a new one to add to the list..and I'm loving it.  Love Shop Share is a relatively new blog written by gorgeous Melbourne mum and serious fashionista Erin..who in her own words loves to shop and loves to share so what better way than through her beautifully designed blog.  There's something in it for everyone as Erin covers a wide range of topics from being a new mum, travel, food... and of course fashion!  It's an honest refreshing read that comes straight from the heart so it almost feels like you're chatting to a girlfriend who is giving you the low down on a new fabulous find..which is what I love. x  However if this isn't enough to temp you to start following this blog..there's more!  Erin also offers the service of helping you to shop..she's internet savvy and knows where to look and where to search and will help you track down that elusive buy..and let me tell you this lady knows how to find a bargain!!  Love Shop Share..I love it..I want to shop it and now I have shared it. xxx


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