Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tommy Ton xx

I need to make a confession..I am a serious blogaholic.  I am now following so many blogs that I can literally lose hours glued to my computer screen when I should in actual fact be doing some on my own blog for instance!!  My all time favourite would have to be Tommy Ton's JAK & JIL..amazing!  Whoever coined the phrase 'a picture's worth a thousand words' must have been looking at Mr Ton's blog (ha!).  His photograph's inspire dress better; to travel more; to be more creative; to experiment with prints; to get more ink (kidding dad) pick up a camera again. Amazing..he is the true street style icon for me. x  So how wonderful to read that Mr Ton recently shot the latest campaign for our very own accessories brand, Oroton.  Bravo Oroton bravo. xx

Image via JAK & JIL. x

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