Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spring is in the air...Xx

While walking the dogs this morning I thought to myself..Spring is literally just around the corner..oh yeah!!  It's getting lighter; there's a little ray of sunshine breaking through today and lots and lots of new Spring deliveries are landing daily at T&G..just fabulous.

We have already had Zimmermann's first drop land..then LIFEwithBIRD's collection Muse arrived late last week..and yesterday Something Else Outlaw collection was delivered..plus new Zoe Karssen tee's have been unpacked and fingers crossed today we will be receiving Anna & Boy's Spring Summer collection. Xx  I love new deliveries just as much as I love Spring. Xx
Zimmermann floral pencil skirt $495

LIFEwithBIRD Westside shift $290

Something Else cactus dress $169.95
Zoe Karssen Bat tee $84.95
Anna & Boy Cut out shoulder dress $285

More styles from each label in store..YUM! Xx

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rabens Saloner Xx

I really love this label and live in every piece that I own..designed by Birgitte Raben Olrik, a former Buyer, from Copenhagen the garments are easy to wear; laidback but oh so fabulous with lots of gorgeous textures and earthy colour palettes that make you want to own more than one piece.  

Reading about the designs on their website has only made me an even bigger fan..

Rabens Saloner is a state of mind. A cross between flair for fashion and a genuine love for traditional Asian craftsmanship. With every new collection all in her head (due to an old injury she can’t draw!) Birgitte visits a hotchpotch of workrooms and family businesses in all corners of Asia. Village dressmakers, leather smiths, bonepolishers, armies of knitting grandmas, and Nepalese men, huddled in groups of four to stitch the most breathtaking embroideries. Birgitte’s got a soft spot for things that are made by hand, and she’s very keen to promote sustainability in the countries of origin.”There is so much inspiration to gather from local artisans if you show them that you appreciate their skills and admire their traditions. It’s a kind of mutual fertilization, if you keep an open mind, amazing things can emerge from it,” Birgitte says.

As if the delicious clothes weren't enough to sell me..I love that there is a story behind each collection and that she promotes sustainability in the countries of origin. 

Summer has started to be delivered..Love Xx

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Another beautiful label has recently landed at Tiger and Goat..that being the effortless and ultra modern designs of exclusive luxury knitwear and basics label LiAM.  Designed in LA, by 'Beautiful People' designer Gosha Pinno, all of the pieces are easy to wear shapes that drape beautifully over the body..all styles are designed to be worn for comfort but will have you looking and feeling amazing!!  Nothing about LiAM is complicated and that's why we love it. Xx

For more beautiful styles pop on in to Tiger and Goat. Xx