Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Way...

With the warmer weather surely just around the corner it's exciting to be receiving all of the new High Summer deliveries. LIFEwithBRID's Collection No. 21 "The Way" delivered last week is just so damn pretty with it's soft gelati like hues, transparent floaty fabrics, feminine silhouettes and beautiful hydrangea digital prints.  Now all we need is a little bit of sunshine and we'd be set. Xx

Ritual of Sound $445 available at Tiger and Goat

Walkman maxi $365 available at Tiger and Goat
Dipped singlet in lilac $130 and Cropped dart tank in lilac $120 available at Tiger and Goat

Soundproof dress $395 available at Tiger and Goat
Living the Now $345 available at Tiger and Goat

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Briony Marsh

With the lead up to the Spring Racing carnival and Spring itself there are dresses a plenty out there at retail to choose from..but for us we couldn't go past the beautiful creations from local girl Briony Marsh.  Briony, who is not only a very talented fashion designer (well she did graduate as the top student in her year at fashion school) but is also the creative genius behind the gorgeous yardage prints found in her garments.  Born and raised on the Southern Victorian coastline Briony now bases herself in Jan Juc where she draws inspiration from the clean living, ocean chic atmosphere of her beautiful coastal town.. "I want women to be able to put on one of my garments and feel very naturally beautiful, it's about feeling amazing in your own skin and glowing from within."  With divine dresses like this we believe she has achieved just that. Xx

Isabeli dress in calypso pink $330 available at Tiger and Goat

Dree dress in acid lilac $450 available at Tiger and Goat
Freja dress in mauve chalk $115 available at Tiger and Goat
Hanne dress in black $130 available at Tiger and Goat
Dress dress in ikat print $450 available at Tiger and Goat
Lula dress in black with aqua $450 (ours with flutter sleeves) available at Tiger and Goat.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Love this. X  A gorgeous girl that I used to buy with at The Just Group has recently launched her own online childrenswear boutique called Hootkid which is all about fun, fashionable, unique clothing for little boys and girls.  Divine is what it is!!  Think cute little straw fedora's; fabulous striped scarves in an array of colours; funky printed tee's; dresses that I would like to wear..and much much more.  Caroline, the founder (and said gorgeous girl), always had impeccable taste and style when we worked together with a keen eye for trends and it is no different with what she has sourced for her online customers..only at super reasonable prices.  Gotta love that.  Tu-weet-tu-woo indeed my friends.. Xxx

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My holiday escape Xx

One of my elder sisters is currently on an overseas adventure (17 weeks!) with her young family and is kind enough to send us regular blog and email updates of where and what they are up too...and while I gaze out at 17 degree cloudy Melbourne weather I have no problem with reading tales of their island hopping around Greece as part of a flotilla or tasting local wine from a vineyard that they're staying at in Tuscany.  Why would I when all I have to do to experience my own holiday escape is put on a pair of my gorgeous JamSquared sandals aptly named after Mediterranean Islands and coastal towns of Europe..the hardest choice for me is which pair today??

Ibiza peony, emerald and violet suede $196
Sardinia distressed azure leather $180

Cascais rose leather w emerald snake skin $170

Capri dove/snake leather $167
St Tropez violet suede $178

For those of you interested in the tales of said older sister you can read of her family adventures at Xxx