Sunday, October 16, 2011


Love this. X  A gorgeous girl that I used to buy with at The Just Group has recently launched her own online childrenswear boutique called Hootkid which is all about fun, fashionable, unique clothing for little boys and girls.  Divine is what it is!!  Think cute little straw fedora's; fabulous striped scarves in an array of colours; funky printed tee's; dresses that I would like to wear..and much much more.  Caroline, the founder (and said gorgeous girl), always had impeccable taste and style when we worked together with a keen eye for trends and it is no different with what she has sourced for her online customers..only at super reasonable prices.  Gotta love that.  Tu-weet-tu-woo indeed my friends.. Xxx

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  1. That's hilarious Emma! I've just heard from Caroline - did you send her? Cheers! Alli x