Thursday, May 24, 2012

Instagram..what? Xx

I think I am the wrong generation for all of this social media networking business such and such..but luckily for me I have some gorgeous customers that are more than happy to lend a hand..Like the ever beautiful Georgie who recently suggested T&G go on Instagram..what?  What is that??  Everyone's doing it?? Really. Oh dear.  Even luckier for me was fabulous young Tess who spent time with me last week getting me sorted and actually started on Instagram... so now you can follow Tiger and Goat instantly as I update pics of new deliveries..outfit inspiration..things that I like and shots of customers in fabulous T&G styles. Amazing.  No wonder everyone's doing it. SO get on board...just don't ask me how! Xx

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Style Butler

One of things the Goat and I always wanted to do with this venture was bring fabulous Australian labels to Melbourne's West that normally you would have to cross the bridge to shop..the likes of labels Zimmermann; Morrison; Ksubi; Misuzi; Chip Chop; Museum..the list goes on.  Now as we stride into our second year of business we are also adding fabulous International labels to the would have already seen (or purchased) the amazingly beautiful designs of French label Gat Rimon; the delicious LA based premium denim label Genetic Denim and the uber cool and effortlessly chic Copenhagen label Rabens Saloner. Fabulous.Xx

However we wanted more (naturally!) this year we'll be adding to the already expanding list from both local and overseas shores. Exciting.

In early July (I know but I'm super excited so I couldn't hold off any longer!) we will be receiving our first delivery from gorgeous Danish label - Style Butler.  This stunning label creates feminine, versatile womenswear using only the most exquisite high quality fabrics and handmade the styling is so so fabulous that you'll want every piece (I do!) Here is just a sneak peek to get you thinking/dreaming about Style Butler. Xx

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A gorgeous friend of mine who is in the know recently told me that's are the way of the future...and I believe her.  What is an I hear you cry??  Well it's simply an online shop that is linked to your Facebook page so now as well as observing all of the gorgeous new product that is regularly hitting the floors of Tiger and can also shop for these styles all from the comfort of your phone/computer/couch...bed!! Magic.

Plus cause we love you lots and lots we are offering free shipping on now you can shop at T&G 24 hours that really has to be the way of the future.  Love it. Xx

Just hit the Shop Now trolley and off you go...happy shopping. Xx