Sunday, August 28, 2011

Timeless Beauties xx

I am in love with the Spring Summer collection by Queen L that we have just had delivered to T&G..such timeless well made silk pieces that will enhance and work with any wardrobe.  The cuts are effortless; the fabrics beautiful and the colours are fresh without being garish.  Timeless..just like the gorgeous actresses of the 1930's and '40's that each piece has been named after. xx Love.

Hepburn Shirt 100% silk $289 available in emerald, fuchsia (as pictured) and nude. 
De havilland dress 100% silk $389 available in black (as pictured) and ivory with red spots.
Crawford cami 100% silk $189 available in black spot (as pictured), emerald, fuchsia and nude.
Crawford cami 100% silk $189 in emerald (as pictured) and Bergman  pants 100% silk available in black (as pictured).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love Shop Share xx

I mentioned only very recently that I am a serious blogaholic..well I have a new one to add to the list..and I'm loving it.  Love Shop Share is a relatively new blog written by gorgeous Melbourne mum and serious fashionista Erin..who in her own words loves to shop and loves to share so what better way than through her beautifully designed blog.  There's something in it for everyone as Erin covers a wide range of topics from being a new mum, travel, food... and of course fashion!  It's an honest refreshing read that comes straight from the heart so it almost feels like you're chatting to a girlfriend who is giving you the low down on a new fabulous find..which is what I love. x  However if this isn't enough to temp you to start following this blog..there's more!  Erin also offers the service of helping you to shop..she's internet savvy and knows where to look and where to search and will help you track down that elusive buy..and let me tell you this lady knows how to find a bargain!!  Love Shop Share..I love it..I want to shop it and now I have shared it. xxx

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tux anyone??

I've never been a girly girl..I much prefer to stomp around in my jeans or pants than wear a dress or skirt.  I just never feel that comfortable in a dress..I forget how to stand; how to sit and walking is an utter nightmare even in a knee length number! My fashion choices have always leaned towards the more masculine side..that whole rock chic look was right up my alley with my messy hair (it just always looks like bed hair); tight jeans (or better yet my favourite LIFEwithBIRD leather pants thank you Goat x); printed boys band tee's and suit jacket's.  

When I do brave a dress it needs to be a little tough and rough around the edges (even my wedding dress involved a black leather corset belt for Pete's sake!)...but really why am I even worrying now that this 'boy meets girl' trend is seriously ramping up on the catwalks..I and others like me can breathe a sigh of relief and fully embrace this look that worked so well for the sensational Bianca Jagger.  

The brilliant Australian label Morrison has beautifully interpreted this trend for their Summer collection which we at Tiger and Goat have picked up on..with fabulous man style relaxed pants; relaxed waistcoats (LOVE); breasted jackets and even the sweetest brogues to team back with your outfit.  

Morrison Summer - October delivery at Tiger and Goat. x

It's obviously a look that works for them as earlier this week I had the pleasure again of meeting up with the divine BM Jo (xx) to view their 1st Winter 2012 collection...and while there are many pieces in their range that will satisfy you girly girls there are just as many that make a tomboy's heart sing!  The knitwear pieces are seriously to die for but it's the Zigge Tux suit complete with white tux shirt featuring black buttons and a black bow tie (I die) that I am acutely 'coveting'. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ludevine's Human Heart Locket..I die. x

I don't think my husband actually reads my if anyone wants to give him the head's up as to what he can buy me for Christmas it's the "too die for" Ludevine Human Heart Locket!!  I'm pretty easy really and don't mind if he buys me the silver version or the 14K gold (ha!)..or maybe just the plaited grey suede ribbon it hangs on!!  Well a girl can dream can't she?

Ludevine Human Heart Locket in silver US$2068

Ludevine Human Heart Locket in 14K Gold US$26,400
Images via

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tommy Ton xx

I need to make a confession..I am a serious blogaholic.  I am now following so many blogs that I can literally lose hours glued to my computer screen when I should in actual fact be doing some on my own blog for instance!!  My all time favourite would have to be Tommy Ton's JAK & JIL..amazing!  Whoever coined the phrase 'a picture's worth a thousand words' must have been looking at Mr Ton's blog (ha!).  His photograph's inspire dress better; to travel more; to be more creative; to experiment with prints; to get more ink (kidding dad) pick up a camera again. Amazing..he is the true street style icon for me. x  So how wonderful to read that Mr Ton recently shot the latest campaign for our very own accessories brand, Oroton.  Bravo Oroton bravo. xx

Image via JAK & JIL. x

Friday, August 5, 2011

Calypso xxx

That little snap of warm Winter weather had me excited..I'm now dreaming of long hot Summer day's and visualising what I am going to be wearing during them!!  Thankfully our Spring Summer deliveries have started to arrive so my visualisation is made that much easier with all of the new beautiful product that now surrounds me. Lilya's Calypso range, which will be arriving this Monday at T&G, has so many gorgeous pieces that I have already started to mentally wear them all.. 
Here's just a taste of what's to come..Enjoy. x

Pia dress in poolside print $260
Estrella top in white $179
Danielle jumpsuit $199 available in black or archipelago print as pictured
Belleza top in blue stripe $169
Delphina mini kaftan in navy $149
Candelas knit top $ 149 available in cinnamon as pictured and light grey plus sunset pant $ 179 available in black and mozambique print as pictured.
Pascuale top in blue stripe $159
Venus dress $179 available in navy and coral