Friday, March 25, 2011

Daisy's thoughts xxx

hello there to all of our lovely readers. My name is Daisy, dais for short- and as you all clearly know this is the Tiger and Goat blog. Finally there is a space for us to post all of our inspirations and aspirations for the coming future. every so often when i'm working, ill have a little play around, letting you in on the scandalous life of a shop dweller.
Well after the grand opening of our baby Tiger and Goat, we are well underway preparing for the chilly winter months that are gaining on us quickly. even coming into the winter it is still a fantastic opportunity to get to know what it is that i'm getting myself into. Being surrounded by all of the amazing labels we have in stock like life with bird, bul and my personal favourite blank NY! on a more serious note i now have zippo cash to spend because it is all being spent on the items of clothing in the shop that are just to die for.

Unlike other unique boutiques, Tiger and Goat have recently started to stock beautiful home wares handmade by Queen Mab. Queen Mab is a unique business run by a Melbourne women named Lisa. Lisa lives a simple life that revolves around her three delightful children, her loving husband and her passion for creating simple beautiful peices. Craft and sewing has always been a part of lisa and it is clearly evident in her work. The time and love that is incorporated into her cushions, quilts and picture frames is truly incredible and we are very honoured to have her work in our little shop. Below is just a little snippit of what we have in the shop...

By Daisy xxx

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