Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rolla's I am in LOVE Xx

When we first started T&G last year I wrote a blog (or two) in the opening months about being drawn to talented couples..well I am happy to say that this trend of mine continues.  Rolla's - the newest brand to be welcomed into the fold is the fabulous creation of Andy Paltos and Sarah extremely hot and extremely talented couple.  Having worked for various denim and lifestyle brands over the years these two really know their stuff.  Throw into the mix that they have connected with David Laidlaw (the man who started Faberge and still owns some of the key design details) and this is one brand that you are going to want to be seen in this Summer and many seasons to come. 

"The idea of merging the best of the two ideas became better than imagined as it turned into something that felt free and modern but importantly had the iconic denim brands' roots that went deeper and felt like it would hold more meaning to more people than just another new brand."  

T&G LOVES Rolla's. Xx

Images and quote courtesy of Rolla's. Xx

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