Monday, June 11, 2012

Sophia Banks-Coloma

I love reading the Sunday Life magazine..there is always something in there that catches my eye.  This weekend it was the fashion spread (this is the case more often than not)..with trend spotter and guest stylist Sophia Banks-Coloma putting together four hot looks for the coming season.  I personally loved all four looks and have been banging on about some of them for a little while so it's great news that according to Sophia they'll be here for a long time.  Great too that look number one Heavy Print Mixing is currently taking pride of place in our window. Yum! Xx

Sophia's Top Four Trends to watch:

1. Heavy Print Mixing...

Sophia says "'s all about wearing two prints together. I love mixing prints and this look is really fun, which is what fashion should be all about; it's going to be huge..."

Manny is so on trend today...Xx

2. Pastels...

"..pastels will be here for a long time, mint-green especially.  I also like pale pink and yellow.  It's a nice change from black leather and bling - we are coming off the hard look. "

Mint green was a big player in LWB's Summer collection..available at T&G in October. Xx
LWB = Pastels pastels pastels. Xx
3. Brightly coloured blazers...

"You could be wearing jeans and flats and a white tee - throw a blazer on and put your hair in a ponytail and it's great."

4. Pyjama-inspired Daywear

"This has been trending for a little while, but I think it will continue..."

Love it...thanks Sophia Banks-Colomas. Xx

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