Thursday, June 21, 2012

Friday's Treat...Xx

We LOVE you..and after this Friday treat you will LOVE us too.  

Gorgeous Caroline from popped in to Tiger and Goat today to try on some fabulous jeans...we started chatting and next thing I know Caroline is offering our divine customers a brilliant deal. You see Caroline has just taken the leap and started her own remedial massage business in North Melbourne and it looks and sounds amazing.  I for one will be taking her up on this fabulous offer.

So all you need to do my friends is book a massage on line..and refer that Tiger and Goat sent you in the note section and viola - there you will receive 50% off your first session. Hello! Xx
T 03 9329 6320
M 0407 332 434
11 Erskine Place North Melbourne 3051

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