Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Styling service...Xx

Recently I had a gorgeous new mum come in to T&G that needed help putting together a few outfits that would suit her new lifestyle..and it got me thinking.  This is what I love to do..I simply love it when a customer needs help or asks for suggestions when shopping so why not do it in a more organised fashion?  No fee of course..just allocated time slots in the store where you receive one on one styling advise and guidance in selecting items that are not only going to work back with but also enhance what you already have in your own wardrobe..now that seems like a win win situation.  We can talk current trends or we can just have fun trying on clothes that you may never have thought of trying on before - it's totally up to you.

For styling sessions at T&G please call Emma on 9391 3938..after hour appointments are also available. Xx

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