Monday, March 4, 2013

What a week...or two?

I think I've mentioned before (seriously what's wrong with my memory?) how much I love Autumn Winter styling..actually one of my favourite buyerships was when I was buying knitwear for you can imagine how ridiculously happy I have been the last couple of weeks as the gorgeous new Autumn Winter pieces have been trickling into Tiger and Goat.  The best part of this job (one of many!!) is that I get to try on everything first while unpacking all of the new goodies for the store..and sometimes they even make it onto the shop floor. Xx

Style Butler pullover $200
LIFEwithBIRD Paper Romance Vest $295
Morrison Cherry Jacket $299
Ksubi Holy bones tee $119.95
Rolla's linen jumper $129.95; leather tee $199.95; Faded Eastcoast jeans $159.95 and Bondi blue Eastcoast jeans $149.95
Rabens Saloner lurex knit $220
Something Else chunky knit in pink $159.95
Morrison Pasqua pullover $249

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